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Give Your Property Extra Protection

Learn what French drains and retaining walls can do for your property

Water can cause serious and costly damage to your property if you don't have the right preventive measures in place. J&E Landscaping, Lawn Care, & Snow Removal can help ensure your property is safe from potential water damage with our French drain and retaining wall services.

French drains are a great way to reinforce your property's defense against water damage. They provide an easy, gravel-filled trench for water to run through, which then flows into a perforated pipe and empties a safe distance from your house. This helps ensure that excessive rainwater is safely disposed of from your property without causing any damage.

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Why you need retaining walls

Retaining walls are crucial elements to have on your property, especially if you have any slopes or elevated land. Installing retaining walls on your property can:

  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Provide flood control
  • Provide structural support
  • Add functional space to your yard
  • Add a decorative element to your yard

We can install all different types of retaining walls for all different purposes. Contact us to set up a retaining wall service now.